Friday, 11 September 2009

Task 3: WWW LESSON PLAN (15%)


LEVEL: Form 2 (Intermediate)
TOPIC: A Healthier You (Chapter 8)
THEME: Health and People
TIME: 70 minutes
LANGUAGE SKILLS: Listening, Reading, writing & speaking skills

Sequence Connectors & Vocabulary
EDUCATIONAL EMPHASES: Thinking skills, Learning how to learn skills, Information & communication, Technology skills, Knowledge acquisition, Sequencing, and Multiple intelligences.

AIMS: By the end of the lesson, students should be able to:
(a) sequence the steps as shown in the video
(b) practice their writing skills in writing a step-by-step procedure using sequence connectors and present it in front of the class

(a) one desktop computer per group (3 students)
(b) loudspeaker
(c) email accounts
(d) Internet connection
(e) Web browser (preferably Mozilla firefox)




(a) Browse the World Wide Web (WWW) on sites of 'egg in a basket'
(b) Locate a related video on YouTube:
(c) Check the sites and the videos to ensure its appropriateness for students
(d) prepare interesting worksheets based on the video


Set Induction (15 minutes):

1. Give time for students to settle down.
2. Then teacher shows students a short video clip from the movie V for Vendetta where V is cooking ‘Egg in A Basket’ for Evey Hammond.
3. Next, teacher asks students if they have tasted the food and whether they think the food looks tempting, delicious or mouth watery.
4. Then, teacher asks are they interested to see how the food is prepared.
5. Finally, teacher explains the objectives of the lesson to students wherein they are supposed to watch the video and fill in the blanks with the ingredients as well as sequence the steps, work in groups of three and come up with their own recipe and the name of the recipe based on the given ingredients and present.

Task 1 (20 minutes):

1. Teacher assigns the students into groups of 3.
2. Teacher explains that each student is required to watch the video and fill in the blanks with the ingredients. Then they are also required to sequence the steps as they watch the video.
3. Teacher distributes the task sheets to students.
4. Teacher asks the students to go to the following URL
5. Teacher observes the students and assists them whenever possible.
6. Teacher plays the video for the second time should they miss certain words or needs clarification.
7. Next, once finished, teacher discusses the answers with the students.
8. Teacher explains to students the words they find difficult to understand.


Task 2 (30 minutes):

1. Teacher distributes a sheet which consists of a list of ingredients.
2. Teacher asks the students to discuss with their group members and come up with a recipe and its name.
3. Students are required to use sequence connectors.
4. Then, teacher asks each group to present.


Conclusion (5 minutes):

1. Teacher recapitulates the lesson by asking students what they have learnt for the day.
2. Teacher inculcates moral values.

Follow-up activity:

Each student is asked to go to Martha Stewart's website and choose a video that they favour the most. Each student is required to come up with a step-by-step procedure using sequence connectors and they are required to email it to the teacher.


  1. Interesting that you relate the task to a movie. Task2 is excellent.

  2. I also like Task 2 where students are required to create their own recipes. It really allows the students to put on their thinking caps and it gives them the freedom of creativity. Well done =)

  3. Very well thought out I must say!

  4. interesting lesson plan. let the students to create their own recipes can enhance their creativity. task 2 can determine whether the students really understand to use sequence connectors correctly

  5. not just interesting, it also maintain towards the achievement of objectives.very precise yet entertaining for others to share their ideas.nicely done afni!

  6. i like the idea of the students create their own will definitely test out their creativity.

  7. thank you Dr.
    you guys (Syai Kamar, Mastura Al-buaya, Hafriz, Ija, Rawai, Femme) thanks so much for the positive remarks;=))

  8. afni i think this is really really promotes creativity as the students also involve in this activity by creating their own recipes:)

  9. awesome...if i were the student, i will definitely get excited to invent my own recipe. This Lp motivates students to take part in class.well done, dear.

  10. i wonder what will happen if this class occur before recess time...hahaha!

  11. thanks syaza, etengs and leigh for the constructive remarks;=))

  12. well done afni...a simple yet intresting&creative LP..the students'll enjoy it as they can express their creativity&abilities in creating own recipes..:)