Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Children tortured before parents, raped, all covered up by Bush/Cheney and our media

i was wondering whether i could post the URLs here or not. i could only hope i'm allowed to. but i feel that all of us should know what's really happening. reading all these make my heart ache. may Allah help them all.




Monday, 20 July 2009

Thursday, 9 July 2009

start from scratch


just recently (a few weeks ago), i created a blog but since i'm a hopelessly forgetful person, i can't manage to retrieve my password. heh. I'm Nor Afni Md Yusuff. i'm just a simple person who always tries to be cool but i end up looking clumsy. hehe. i eat a lot and i get hungry shortly. i love reading novels about dracula, codebreaking (Enigma code), i love Japanese swords, nunchaku and i have managed to collect a few on my own, and i think i'm a pretty good photographer. or that's what i want to think;p. i love Lemony Snicket's novels and my most favourite novel would be The Historian: A Novel by Elizabeth Kostova. i'm terribly blessed for having a loving family, an affectionate & supportive boyfriend and a company of good housemates and friends. syidah, mas, fawehah you know who you are girls!!! thanks for being there. they're all my pillars of support. i can't wish for more. but of course more money;p

basically, having this blog is part of a requirement for TSL 641: Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL). the first task that i was assigned to do was this; starting this blog from scratch. Dr Izaham has listed a few questions for us to answer and the first question would be whether i know how to utilize any computer software. to begin with, i can use microsoft word 2003 pretty well, power point, and excel. i am yet to learn how to use the latest versions of those three softwares mentioned. when i did my pre-degree in UiTM Malacca, i was taught by Miss Begum how to use HTML (creating your own website from scratch - which was almost like killing yourself) but it was quite an experience. when i was doing my degree (first semester) in Shah Alam, i was taught by Miss Jamiah Baba on how to use publisher (we had to create sort of like a school website). it was exciting! i THINK i did well;p. frankly speaking, i don't know how to use adobe flash.

the second question was whether i possess any computer hardware skills like replacing the RAM, repairing etc. alas, i know nuts about repairing nor replacing my own RAM. ahahaha. how i wish i know

the third question was: computer or internet activities i often engage myself with. well, during my free time, i love facebooking; the games they have there are so SEDUCTIVE! hehe. i'm pretty much addicted to barn buddy, farmville and typing maniac. i also have myspace and friendster accounts. but as of this moment, i have not logged in my friendster account for 3 weeks now. the reason i have myspace account is because most of my students have them and initially, i thought it was a great way for me to get acquainted with them and it's a great social networking website for us to keep in touch, up till now. i used to download songs and videos from youtube but i no longer do it now, i have used limewire and ares to download songs or clips or movies but i decided to uninstall them. i also have a youtube account where i upload videos of my cute niece there and also Larc~en~ciel's music videos. other activities would be merely web surfing (educational purposes or personal reasons), play sudoku online, shop for things online (http://www.lelong.com.my/ - this is where i shop for my collection of Japanese swords and nunchaku, digital camera & cell phone).

during my practicum, i never had the chance to make use of the technology that much since the school i was teaching then, wasn't equipped with the facilities. i did the best i could. i brought in my own laptop to teach and show them videos or we sang together. it paid off when my mentor confided in me that i was the first practicum teacher who brought in more than just a marker pen.

as for online learning, i have never participated myself with online learning.

last but not least, i hope you do enjoy reading my blog and will keep on reading in the weeks or years to come.

~signing off~